General Information

English Name: Nicholas Tse
Chinese Name: Tse Ting Fung (謝霆鋒)
Japanese Name: Cha Te Hou
Vietnamese Name: Ta Dinh Phong
Nickname: Lemon
Birhdate: 29 August 1980
Birthplace: Hong Kong France Hospital
Nationality: Canadian
Family: Patrick Tse (Father)
Deborah Dik Bor Lai (Mother)
Jennifer Tse Ting Ting (Sister)
Cecilia Cheung (Wife 2006-2011)
Lucas Tse (Son) Quintus Tse (Son)
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Monkey
Horoscope: Virgo the Virgin
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English and a bit of Japanese
Measurements: 37.5, 29, 37
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 68kg
Width of Shoulder: 32
Arm Length: 80cm
Leg Length: 105cm
Head: 63cm
Foot Size: 10
Blood Type: B+
Education: Boarding School, Canada, USA, Japan
La Salle Kindergarten, La Salle Primary School (1 year only), A public school in Canada (1st year to 3rd year), A private boarding school in Canada (6 years), Hong Kong International School (10th year), America Phoenix School (10th year to 11th year - unfinished), Tokyo Music School
Belief: Buddism
Number of earrings holes: 4
Slogan: "Oh! Baby!" "Do you think that's right?" "Is it right first?"
Catchphrase: Don't be fake (Taiwanese)
Year of entering the industry: 1996
Collects: Guitars
Religion: Buddhism
Habit before going to sleep: Listening to music
Hidden Name: Dou Ding
Factoid: Nicholas can't cry through one of his eyes after an injury during filming


What he wants to do when he is angry: Not be angry
Ideal career: Celebrity, interior designer
If he changed careers what would he want to be: Behind the scenes musician
The area he has the most confidence in: He can still live
Wish: To be a person who gives back to society
Motto: The road one chooses, one has to take responsibilty for it
Hobby: Music
Interests: Outdoor games, swimming, basketball, singing, driving, jamming with a band, listening to music, playing games, playing guitar, playing drums and tennis
Least Favourite: Social Studies and Science
Number of Shoes: 100+
Perfect Age: 27
Most Complacent Matter: Completing something he wants to do
Most Scared Of Hearing: Gossip
Most Hated Situation: Mistaken for something
Most Favourite situation: Not mistaken for something
Record Company: Fitto Entertainment, EEG
First Song: Gravitional Lure
Biggest Flaw: Insomnia
Biggest Wish: Continiously improve his music
Unforgetable Memory: Days in Japan


Ting Fung's Favourite...
Subject: Singing
Musical Instrument: Guitar
Singer: A singer who really loves music
Band: A lot
Sport: Swimming, water skiing
Dance: Hip hop
Music: Sega Delice and Rock
Film: Seven
Type Of Film: Suspense
Colour: Black, white, silver and grey
Animal: Dog, Sea turtle, lizard
Publication: Music score books
Number: 7
Static Activity: Listening to music
Entertainment: Watching films
Doll: 6 foot "Marvin the Martian" from Warner Bros.
Part of his body: Hair
Hair Style: Natural
Sitting Manner: Natural
Ingredients: Italian ingredients
Flower: Butterfly Orchid
Fruit: Watermelon, grapes
Actor/Actress: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore
Female Type: Someone who he can communicate with and then a dutiful wife and loving mother
Where will he start admiring a female: Expression of eyes/gleam of eyes
Brands: Calvin Klein and expensive Japanese brands
Season: Fall
Food: Milk, seafood
Drink: Coke
Holiday: Chinese New Year
Accessory: Bracelet
Country: Switzerland