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Nicholas Tse wins Best Actor at Hong Kong Film Awards

by kelvin@multistars - 18th April 2011

Source: Sina

Nicholas Tse gives his acceptance speech at the Hong Kong Film AwardsNicholas Tse gives receiving his awardNicholas Tse with his Best Actor Award

The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards was held at the Hong Kong Culture centre yesterday, after winning Best New Actor Award 13 years ago Nicholas Tse finally got his wish and won Best Actor.

When Zhou Xun shouted out Nicholas Tse's name, this big boy sat there for a bit muttering to himself, afterwards he tightly hugged Cecilia Cheung by his side. When he was giving his speech, both Nicholas Tse onstage and Cecilia Cheung offstage were tearing up.

Nicholas Tse frankly said he never thought he'd win, "My wife asked me what I would say if I won? My first reaction was 'No way!' She asked me again what if I did win? Later I really thought about this question, I do actually have some things I want to say."

Nicholas Tse apologised to his father for being young and stupid, "I remember back when I was 18 I won Best New Actor, my father said to me: 'Do you know how many hundreds of TV series I filmed when you were young? And do you know how my movies I flmed when you were young?' That time after I won the award I went home and said to my father, you've filmed so many movies and TV series but you never won a Hong Kong Film Award, I deliberately placed the award on the table challenging him. I don't know why, I've held this stuff in my heart for many years, today I want to take this chance to say to my father, I hope you don't mind what I said, I hope you can forgive that young immature kid back then, I need to seriously say sorry to you!"

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