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Nicholas Tse wears pyjamas and steals headlines from Director Chou

by kelvin@multistars - 29th March 2014

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Nicholas Tse in pyjamas

The most eye catching person at the QQ Music Awards held last night was Nicholas Tse who wore pyjamas, when presenting the award he occasionally wagged his tail next to Matilda Tao who is normally quick witted, everyone laughed.

During his interview, Nicholas Tse smiled saying he doesn't attend music award ceremonies very often, he wore something fun to relax everyone. When asked if he wore this at him? He smiled saying: "I wear this at home but I don't wear underwear."

WHen asked if Lucas had seen him wearing this, Nicholas Tse laughed running away. Joey Yung also revealed that Nicholas Tse originally brought a set for her to wear but because it was too hot she declined.

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