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Nicholas Tse: Super Boy has lit a fire in him for music, returning to being an artist to release album

by kelvin@multistars - 29th September 2013

Source: QQ

The 2013 "Super Boy" finished the night before, Hua Chenyu finally sat at the top, he can sleep soundly at last. But for the teachers who have accompanied the contestants for the last 3 months, a fire has been lit in terms of music, this is especially true for Nicholas Tse who has not released an album for 5 years, he has suddenly announced his intention of releasing a new album and preparing a concert.

The night before, after the contest "Super Boy", Nicholas Tse, Chris Lee, Matilda Tao, Chen Kun were interviewed by the national media, Nicholas Tse suddenly announced he has plans to release a new album and prepare a concert, "They (Super Boy) lit a fire in me towards music, I've actually been writing songs all along, I've wanted to release an album, but I've been waiting for the right time, alas I've been making music for 10 years, I hope I would only do it if I had something to say and not just releasing a new album for the sake of releasing an album, now I've had some experience, I hope to express it through music, last year I was preparing for a concert but I was waiting for the papers to come down.

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