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Nicholas Tse hugs Joey Yung awkwardly: it's like a brother hugging his sister

by kelvin@multistars - 28th August 2014

Source: Sznews

Nicholas Tse in new MV with Joey Yung

Nicholas Tse personally created the song "Let Us Continue On" for the movie "But Always", he composed the song and was the producer, he also invited good friend Joey Yung to duet with him.

A few days ago the two filmed the MV for the new song, the director asked them to cling to each other and pretend to be lovers, Nic and Joey both felt really awkward, they kept on laughing and NG. Nic said: "Our relationship is like that of brother and sister, hugging each other and singing a love song feels really awkward, like a brother hugging his sister, I couldn't hold back the laughter."

Afterwards agent Mani Fok came to visit them at the set, the two became obedient and finished the filming within 2 hours, Joey smiled saying: "Mani Fok was here, no matter how naughty we siblings are normally we have to obey."

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