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Nicholas Tse denies involvement in Faye Wong's marriage, Carina Lau wants to work with him

by kelvin@multistars - 11th November 2012

Source: Sina

Nicholas Tse being interviewed

Carina Lau met Nicholas Tse at the Hong Kong Star Boulevard hand printing ceremony, she immediately went to give him a hug, she greeted him as she held him in her arms, she has watched him grow up, she praised Nic for becoming mature and also hopes that they will have a chance to work together. Carina frankly said she didn't mind playing his mother, lover, sister or even a mistress.

Nicholas Tse has been rumoured to have entered into Faye Wong and Li Yapeng's marriage, apart from denying this he also stated he doesn't believe the two's marriage is having any problems. He also stated when he was interviewed earlier, he never said Faye Wong was the love of his life. He and Patrick Tse became the first father and son at the Star Boulevard hand printing ceremony, he stated he hopes to work with his father filming a movie, Carina is also someone he would like to work with, if he had the chance he would like to talk to her about love scenes.

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