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Chow Yun Fat "God of Gambling hair" vs Nicholas Tse summer look

by kelvin@multistars - 11th January 2014

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Nicholas Tse and Chow Yun Fat in the new God of Gambling movie

International star Chow Yun Fat has been back filming gambling themed movie "From Vegas to Macau", this time there is also Best Actor level junior Nicholas Tse, the two have many scenes together, the scenes are definitely worth anticipating! There's also the hilarious Chapman To and Shiu Hung Hui who have joined, you can tell the movie will definitely have explosive points!

In the movie, Chow Yun Fat has the All back hair, plus a chok expression, super charming, completely like the God of Gambling came back! On the other hand, Nic's look is like that of a nerd, he didn't have gel and wore thick framed glasses, it's a look that's completely different to the him in real life who is known for his style! There are also many beautiful girls who appear, they adorn this male dominated movie, like Kimmy Tong, Sally Jing and other Mainland China beauties.

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