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Afraid of Cecilia Cheung being jealous, Nicholas Tse refuses to kiss Da S

by kelvin@multistars - 6th January 2010

Source: Eastday

"Hot Summer Days" starring Rene Liu, Jacky Cheung, Vivian Hsu, Daniel Wu, Nicholas Tse and more will be out on the 11th of February during Valentine's Day, the whole movie is made up of 5 love stories, so of course there are warm, moving kissing scenes. But, Nicholas Tse and Da S don't have a kiss scene. During the interview the reporters found out, it turns out Nicholas Tse's wife is rather strict, he refused to film a kiss scene. This made Da S complain: It's very regrettable that I didn't get to kiss Nicholas Tse.

In the movie Da S plays a cool girl who has a terminal illness, even though she has a cool exterior, but she is very kind. When Nicholas Tse was confessing to her at the seaside, Da S said: "I don't have many years to live", Nicholas Tse turned around and pulled her into his arms. According to reports, originally Nicholas Tse and Da S had a kiss scene, but Nicholas Tse said his "house rules" are very strict, he didn't want his wife Cecilia Cheung to be jealous. Da S expressed, even though she didn't have a kiss scene with Nicholas Tse, but when she had a scene with him she was very nervous, because Nicholas Tse himself is so cool, he doesn't say much, even though the two have known each other for over 10 years, but when they saw each other the first time on the set, Nicholas Tse just greeted her with a casual wave.

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