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Latest Nicholas Tse News

Nicholas Tse hugs Joey Yung awkwardly: it's like a brother hugging his sister

by kelvin@multistars - 28th August 2014

Source: Sznews

Nicholas Tse personally created the song "Let Us Continue On" for the movie "But Always", he composed the song and was the producer, he also invited good friend Joey Yung to duet with him.

A few days ago the two filmed the MV for the new song, the director asked them to cling to each other and pretend to be lovers, Nic and Joey both felt really awkward, they kept on laughing and NG. Nic said: "Our relationship is like that of brother and sister, hugging each other and singing a love song feels really awkward, like a…[more]

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Ronald Ng asks how many guitars he's smashed, Nic: just 6

by kelvin@multistars - 29th April 2014

Source: On

Nic appeared at the Hong Kong Coliseum as the final guest of "Ronald Ng's Imagine nation concert 56x live 2014", he wore an open shirt with black trousers and leather shoes, Nic came up from the centre of the stage, causing a climax. he sang his hit song "Wordless Expression", during which he constantly stuck his hands in his pocket, putting on a chok pose, after he finished singing "Love After Life" he said: "The last time I came onstage was when I gave Eason Chan a surprise at his show, I feel embarrassed, it's already been officially…[more]

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Nicholas Tse "returns" to music industry with band look

by kelvin@multistars - 29th April 2014

Source: On

Nicholas Tse's rebellious band look when he first debuted is deeply ingrained in people's hearts, he once smashed a guitar on stage, even though in recent years Nic has withdrawn from the music industry and focussed his battles on the film industry but his passion for music in his heart has never changed.

A few days ago he filmed an MV at Tuen Mun, Nic returned to his old band look, he went on with a studded top showing off his toned arm, he exploded on to the set bearing a guitar on his back. Under the hot…[more]

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Nicholas Tse wears pyjamas and steals headlines from Director Chou

by kelvin@multistars - 29th March 2014

Source: 163

The most eye catching person at the QQ Music Awards held last night was Nicholas Tse who wore pyjamas, when presenting the award he occasionally wagged his tail next to Matilda Tao who is normally quick witted, everyone laughed.

During his interview, Nicholas Tse smiled saying he doesn't attend music award ceremonies very often, he wore something fun to relax everyone. When asked if he wore this at him? He smiled saying: "I wear this at home but I don't wear underwear."

WHen asked if Lucas had seen him wearing this, Nicholas Tse laughed running away. Joey Yung…[more]

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Chow Yun Fat "God of Gambling hair" vs Nicholas Tse summer look

by kelvin@multistars - 11th January 2014

Source: On

International star Chow Yun Fat has been back filming gambling themed movie "From Vegas to Macau", this time there is also Best Actor level junior Nicholas Tse, the two have many scenes together, the scenes are definitely worth anticipating! There's also the hilarious Chapman To and Shiu Hung Hui who have joined, you can tell the movie will definitely have explosive points!

In the movie, Chow Yun Fat has the All back hair, plus a chok expression, super charming, completely like the God of Gambling came back! On the other hand, Nic's look is like that of a…[more]

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Nicholas Tse sings again after 4 year hiatus

by kelvin@multistars - 25th November 2013

Source: ifeng

"As The Light Goes Out", directed by Derek Kwok, starring Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Hu Jun, Simon Yam will be coming out this year during New Year's festival. In recent days the film company released the recording highlights of the theme song "Love Is The Greatest", in the highlights, Nicholas Tse sings again after a 4 year hiatus, he fulfilled his promise and invited this year's "Super Boy" second place Ou Hao to work together.

At the end of September, after the "Super Boy" competition came to an end, during one of the last judging scenes, Nicholas Tse…[more]

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Rumours about Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse meeting secretly, fortune teller: great chance of a reunion

by kelvin@multistars - 22nd November 2013

Source: Sina

According to Taiwanese "UDN", from avoiding talk about "Feng Faye relationship" to stating Faye Wong was the "love of his life", 2 years after Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung divorced, he still can't forget his old love Faye Wong, up until Faye Wong became single again recently, Nicholas Tse was asked again about reuniting with Faye Wong, he said repeatedly "want, want, want", this made the outside world curious about whether they would continue their fate together. In recent days, Faye Wong has settled down in Hong Kong, it has been rumoured that she has been secretly meeting…[more]

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Nicholas Tse's first love film in 10 years, "A Whole Lifetime" with Gao Yuanyuan

by kelvin@multistars - 25th October 2013

Source: ifeng

Nicholas Tse and Mainland China female star Gao Yuanyuan are starring in EMP's new movie "A Whole Lifetime", a simple love movie spanning 30 years, from Beijing, New York to Hong Kong, it's Nic's first love film in 10 years.

In order for the two to match the pure and simple image of that era, they wore denim jeans and top and took some profile shots, Nic and Yuanyuan are full of anticipation for the new movie, it's said that Yuanyuan was already moved when she read the script, the director Xian Zou praised Nic and Yuanyuan for…[more]

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Nicholas Tse: Super Boy has lit a fire in him for music, returning to being an artist to release album

by kelvin@multistars - 29th September 2013

Source: QQ

The 2013 "Super Boy" finished the night before, Hua Chenyu finally sat at the top, he can sleep soundly at last. But for the teachers who have accompanied the contestants for the last 3 months, a fire has been lit in terms of music, this is especially true for Nicholas Tse who has not released an album for 5 years, he has suddenly announced his intention of releasing a new album and preparing a concert.

The night before, after the contest "Super Boy", Nicholas Tse, Chris Lee, Matilda Tao, Chen Kun were interviewed by the national media, Nicholas…[more]

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Nicholas Tse and Rain take a photo together backstage

by kelvin@multistars - 29th September 2013

Source: Chinanews

Korean star Rain finished his military enrolment last month, he has gone straight into returning to the entertainment industry. The night before Rain was the guest performer on the show "Super Boy", he danced and sang, it was the climax. Backstage Rain bumped into judge Nicholas Tse, the two handsome men posed for a photo. Nic wore sunglasses and looked very cool, Rain on the other hand smiled, from the photo, it seems Nic beat Rain.[more]

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